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Happy Spring!

Ahhhh! The first days of spring. Feel the warmth, the movement of new plants, the freshness. We all feel a bit more motivated when the sun shines hotter and the days are longer.

Take advantage of the longer light to tend to yourself this spring. Sit outside and listen to the birds for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Breathe deeply. Drop your shoulders away from your ears. Tune out the news and demands of the day.

Find your local CSA or farmer’s market and get some good fresh greens and make a salad or some other fresh food for dinner.

Consider doing a detox or cleanse. Clean behind the sink. Smile when you are drying your hair.

Enjoy the spring!!!

Liver Detox last day! Hooray!!

I have to say, I have been much better on the detox than I have been about the blog. I mostly just didn’t want to whine. It is difficult to continue this so diligently as well as being the cheerleader.

I feel great. Am soooo happy that I participated with the group. I’m ever so grateful that I have the support of my husband in the food prep. He doesn’t always follow the detox perfectly himself. But does support me and bring and make lots of cleanse-friendly food.

I am excited to be done, and not have to be so so perfect. I will continue to avoid sugar. That has not been difficult. Perhaps some dark chocolate during that one special week of the month.

I also don’t miss caffeine. I may have occasional green tea. But never back to the Peet’s habit that we’d fallen into. We also have an espresso machine at home, which can get dangerous. But honestly it is pain in the butt, and I don’t feel that good when I drink coffee.

As for the alcohol, I feel that most of us can get away with having a social cocktail or wine here and there. But more than that is just a waste of liver function, brain cells and calories.

We will start reintroducing the foods we’ve avoided tomorrow. I am a big fan of introducing certain things back in one at a time. I feel that we get the most information that way.

I am really glad I did the detox with the group. Happy as I am to be done, it always feels good to have successful completion.

If you have comments about doing a liver cleanse, I’d love to hear them. If you are interested in doing a detox, I’d be happy to work with you.

Liver Detox Week 2

This is the main week. It’s the week that we are really perfect in our food choices, elimination of caffeine, etc, and taking more of the detox supplement.

I came out of my fog of last week in good form. We’ll see if things get tough as I increase the powder to twice/day. But for now I am quite happy that we are doing this.

It is one of the things that usually changes for people when doing the detox. Better food choices seem a little more simple. Not so daunting. And that is what I hope will continue after we stop. Giving up all caffeine and alcohol is great too. There are some little habits in our lives that don’t really serve us. And when you decide to give them up for just a short time, it makes living without them more seem not only possible, but really quite a good idea!

I have been doing more research about the health effects of the toxins in our environment. Everything from BPS and phthalates in plastics, to non-stick cookware and upholstery fabrics, to the pesticides that our food is laden with, contribute to our ill health. Diabetes, heart disease, and infertility all have well-documented links. I imagine there are more that we have not uncovered yet.

Even if you don’t have time or inclination to do a cleanse, begin looking at some of the changes that you can make to eliminate the dangerous toxicity exposure in your life.

Detox Day 7

Last night was rough. I was teaching anatomy. Couldn’t get out a complete sentence and my brain was a mess.

Today I have done the detox powder and all the food just so. Eliminated the last few little leaves of green tea from  my morning brown rice/tea blend. I have been in a fog and head-achy all day. It was at it’s apex this afternoon arou 2:30. After I came home for lunch, thinking that a nice healthy meal of organic grilled chicken, brown rice, and grilled veggies would set my blood sugar straight again. No such luck. I got back to the office and felt worse than ever. Jeff Colaizzi (amazing chiropracter in my office) gave me an adjustment. That took the edge off. Geoffrey (hubby) brought me some green tea. I had a few sips – usually if it’s caffeine only a little will make it go away. It lessened slightly. But now (5:30 pm) just before detox class – I am still pretty much a foggy and achy mess.

Oooooo – isn’t this fun? Must meditate tonight. And remember why this is all so good for me!

Detox Day 6

The weekend was a little rough. We had friends visiting. We went out to Nick’s Cove ( and while it is possible to stay on the detox while there, we just didn’t. I figured we were still on the taper week, so just had fun and let it go. I love that you do pay for that though. I didn’t feel that great on Sunday.

Monday was back to being good. I really appreciate the structure of the detox. The smoothies are great, filling, healthy. Then we have something real, local and green for lunch. Dark leafies when we can find them. Monday night Geoffrey (hubby) roasted an organic chicken with sweet potatoes and carrots. Delish! Tuesday we made organic broth with the carcas. We utilized some of the broth for a chicken, rice and veggie soup. He threw in some white beans and some veggies we’d grilled that were languishing in the fridge. So tasty. I wish you could taste it.

Today I canned the broth, made my smoothie, working on some cran-splashed water. The food is the biggest thing. It totally takes over your life. I enjoy the change. That focus is what I need at times. And yes, it’s a pain in the butt. But makes me realize that I actually CAN do it. Just like letting go of caffeine or sugar or whatever your little vice is. It feels good to realize that anything is possible.

This afternoon I have to work. Geoffrey will make the Quinoa Salad from Eating Clean. I will make the fruit/nut spread. Then we’ll be stocked up for a bit.

Detox Day Two – getting into the groove

I woke this morning feeling happy and energetic. I slept forever too. I think that rest during a detox is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Last night was a little rough. It was Friday night. We were playing Scrabble. I’d had a very long and exhausting day. (And, as is usual for early detox days, I hadn’t planned for enough food for as long as I was going to be at the office.)  But i knew things were bad when i teared up when I couldn’t play my really good word on the board. Time for bed!

Today is a fresh day. I am working on eliminating all of the clutter and junk around. Then friends arrive and we’ll go out to the coast.

Day one on Detox – looking forward

So far so good. I had brown rice tea with morning with just a little green tea mixed in. I must wean off caffeine. I haven’t had much lately anyway. I realize that overall i feel so much better without coffee.

We had oatmeal, lemon water, and some detox tea. Cleaned a bit of the house.

It’s interesting how spring inspires all of that type of cleaning. Both inside and out. I want to get rid of all of the dust and clutter.

We’ll also plan ahead a bit better. To be disciplined in a body that requires fuel for survival, one has to make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks and meals on hand.