Detox Day 6

The weekend was a little rough. We had friends visiting. We went out to Nick’s Cove ( and while it is possible to stay on the detox while there, we just didn’t. I figured we were still on the taper week, so just had fun and let it go. I love that you do pay for that though. I didn’t feel that great on Sunday.

Monday was back to being good. I really appreciate the structure of the detox. The smoothies are great, filling, healthy. Then we have something real, local and green for lunch. Dark leafies when we can find them. Monday night Geoffrey (hubby) roasted an organic chicken with sweet potatoes and carrots. Delish! Tuesday we made organic broth with the carcas. We utilized some of the broth for a chicken, rice and veggie soup. He threw in some white beans and some veggies we’d grilled that were languishing in the fridge. So tasty. I wish you could taste it.

Today I canned the broth, made my smoothie, working on some cran-splashed water. The food is the biggest thing. It totally takes over your life. I enjoy the change. That focus is what I need at times. And yes, it’s a pain in the butt. But makes me realize that I actually CAN do it. Just like letting go of caffeine or sugar or whatever your little vice is. It feels good to realize that anything is possible.

This afternoon I have to work. Geoffrey will make the Quinoa Salad from Eating Clean. I will make the fruit/nut spread. Then we’ll be stocked up for a bit.

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