Monthly Archives: January 2009

Hormone link to breast cancer

I saw an article in the news paper the other day that a large, federal study was recently released reporting that the link of estrogen therapy for menopausal women and breast cancer is even more certain. This is not exactly a news flash.

What surprised me is that they are still popular. Many women don’t want to suffer with the symptoms that they may experience when they withdraw from the hormones.

Good news, gals! Naturopathic medicine has many tools that can help you. From elimination of hidden (IgG) food allergies, to fiber and herbs and homeopathics. No one should have to be miserable just to avoid cancer (although, honestly, it hardly seems like a trade-off!)

That is why I am here. To alleviate suffering and promote wellness. Naturally. I rarely have to resort to using bio-identical hormones for menopausal women. They aren’t well studied. But the theory is that they are exact replicas of what your body was making when you were younger, so they have less probability of metabolizing into the more dangerous metabolite of estrogen, and therefore less chance of causing cancer.

There are even supplements that can help the metabolic process lean more towards the beneficial metabolite of estrogen.

Get rid of your prescription hormones AND feel great.

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