Liver Detox Week 2

This is the main week. It’s the week that we are really perfect in our food choices, elimination of caffeine, etc, and taking more of the detox supplement.

I came out of my fog of last week in good form. We’ll see if things get tough as I increase the powder to twice/day. But for now I am quite happy that we are doing this.

It is one of the things that usually changes for people when doing the detox. Better food choices seem a little more simple. Not so daunting. And that is what I hope will continue after we stop. Giving up all caffeine and alcohol is great too. There are some little habits in our lives that don’t really serve us. And when you decide to give them up for just a short time, it makes living without them more seem not only possible, but really quite a good idea!

I have been doing more research about the health effects of the toxins in our environment. Everything from BPS and phthalates in plastics, to non-stick cookware and upholstery fabrics, to the pesticides that our food is laden with, contribute to our ill health. Diabetes, heart disease, and infertility all have well-documented links. I imagine there are more that we have not uncovered yet.

Even if you don’t have time or inclination to do a cleanse, begin looking at some of the changes that you can make to eliminate the dangerous toxicity exposure in your life.

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