Detox Day 7

Last night was rough. I was teaching anatomy. Couldn’t get out a complete sentence and my brain was a mess.

Today I have done the detox powder and all the food just so. Eliminated the last few little leaves of green tea from  my morning brown rice/tea blend. I have been in a fog and head-achy all day. It was at it’s apex this afternoon arou 2:30. After I came home for lunch, thinking that a nice healthy meal of organic grilled chicken, brown rice, and grilled veggies would set my blood sugar straight again. No such luck. I got back to the office and felt worse than ever. Jeff Colaizzi (amazing chiropracter in my office) gave me an adjustment. That took the edge off. Geoffrey (hubby) brought me some green tea. I had a few sips – usually if it’s caffeine only a little will make it go away. It lessened slightly. But now (5:30 pm) just before detox class – I am still pretty much a foggy and achy mess.

Oooooo – isn’t this fun? Must meditate tonight. And remember why this is all so good for me!

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