Flu Vaccine??

‘Tis the time of year that my patients start asking me about the flu vaccine. So what do I think….

I can see, from the public health perspective, why it is so readily available. But most of us have good, solid immune systems that will fight off the flu, even though we may not appreciate the symptoms.

The vaccine developed each year is based on an educated guess. Remember last year was it? When there was a bad flu going around and then a shortage of the vaccine? The funny thing was that people were scrambling to get the last dregs of a vaccine that didn’t actually work for the flu that we got. So even though you get the vaccine, there is no guarantee that the flu that goes around will be the one that the scientists chose to vaccinate against.

Most of the available vaccines are preserved with thimerosol which contains mercury. So would you rather get the flu or detoxify your body from heavy metals?

I recommend that people stock up on homeopathic Occillococcinum and start taking it as soon as they notice symptoms. And if you are get very ill or dehydrated, seek medical care.


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