Gratitude paperclip

Have you heard the segment or read in The Secret where the guy was carrying around this special stone and ended up selling them to people as gratitude rocks? I thought it was a great idea – there is nothing that makes us feel better about our circumstances in life than being truly grateful for what we have.

But I don’t always wear something that easily holds a rock. And then what if you lose it? I decided to carry around a gratitude paperclip. It’s one of those big ones – that make you thankful just that someone thought to make a paperclip a little more substantial. Then if I misplace it I can easily grab a new one.

As I sit here navigating the wonders of corporate America’s “customer service” I really need to convince myself to be grateful. It’s either that or start throwing things. And that has never gotten us anywhere.

So – I again take a deep breath, hold onto my paperclip, and make my list.

On a happier note – I did get my October Newsletter out yesterday. If you aren’t on the list – go to my website and sign up ( Most of the articles on there on the website.

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